Days of Effort and Ease

by twain

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Love, Go Lightly Love go lightly Wait and see What on earth is happening to me Days of effort Days of ease Like the water , i have all the time I need Feel the lightness in my chest When i lay my mind to rest Feel the light in my hands When i take them off the piano We all say that we make love But we dont say what we make it out of Where god is missing, sex is too Ask your self if thAt might not be true Everybody meditates But its not cool to say we pray Maybe one time by mistake In india , it is believed That god made buddha to decieve The atheist into faith The criminal into releif I can search for Jerusalem Doesn’t matter who i am Akhenaten of James Dean In the desert, i’ll have all the time i need
Initiation Blues Initiation blues learn to loose my youth And start practicing the Way Studying the Dow/Tao The markets up the markets down A coronation without kings Where no-one wants your cash When they can make the payments last Never thought i’d get so rich so fast I was born too late Yet i live another day Living towards an answer either way Initiation blues All systems flow back towards the truth
Georgia’s Song Hank, i love you so But there’s something that you should know When i dream i dream of more than just you Youve been a mountain of honest love, pure and true But i am a creature that must take the air And i dont want to leave But please listen to me: I’ve got to be free Why does that mean We cant share our loves? Yes, its sad, i know But if i can leave , i will go That is my rule of love and it stays true No matter how fine In the back of my mind There is a hidden love that keeps me warm And what else is life for Oh but i dont want to leave Just to be free Why does it mean We can’t share our loves?
Parting (in love) Do you know the part in the story The hero in the hospital Feeling the weight of his wounds It brings me such a sweet feeling I long to be there Helping him plan his next moves When we met we were falling at about the same rate And sometimes it felt just like flight No i act like i’m lonely thought im only just alone I know you know thats not right Parting in love is so hard to do At least now i’m learning the way To wake up in the morning and feel like a man If only a weak man If only a poor man If only a sad man If only a fool of a man Here comes my buddy just to tell me “Love should last a lifetime” But my wife doesnt feel the same way For in a love just one day long There is a life of song And more days of love on the way After so much heartache I cant help but accept That everyone shares the same Soul So when you part with your lover, Go get right with god For where else could love go when it dies Parting in love is so hard to do At least now im learning the way To wake up in the morning with joy in my heart For im but a sad man Lost in a strange land Im but a poor man Born in the land of lost love
Love is Alive/Fun is the Word Love is alive inside my heart again Inside my soul again I have the feeling Lets stop our selves Thinking of evil now There is no evil now There’s only sickness Love is alive inside my hear again And i feel like singing It’s hard to stay right at the heart of the day Watch the past shrivel away Let in the moment Let in something real Let in something not-myself Let in a new type of myself Let sound in the silence Fun is a word that i forgot about Let me know it’s meaning
O My Soul O my Soul Wake with me Stay with me Help me rise Why are you Far accross the room Where are you Going to Are you gone to Heaven Having a real good time I need you for to rise With out you By my side I’m not whole Just alone Take me home When you go When you go to Heaven Having a real good time Cant feel god Cant feel love No blue king No white dove Purple sage Cherry tree Are but dreams When you leave When you go to Heaven Having a real good time
Walking A few more years of Paradise Then i’ll go to find my maker Shake the dice lightly May i walk the path brightly Not afraid of living Not afraid of dying Not afraid of feeling what i do not understand When i was a baby God and i went walking In teenage volvo music We all heard our god talking Hermapholightnoos being Seeing without seeing Angels on the radio And heaven in the reading Stoned for generations But we still love their music They dont like the drug But they like the ones who used it They dont like to groove If theyre afraid to loose it I dont remember anyone saying it would be easy


Recorded in April/May 2020 at Whoopee Pie in Austin, Texas

a note about singing the word 'god':

'god' is a magic word and I sing it hesitantly, while trying not to hold any specific definition in mind. I do think we all need new ideas about what this word means, so Thats why I sing it. I hope those who have strong feelings about this word will still be able to enjoy the songs.


released June 19, 2020

mat davidson : singing, instruments, engineering
birds : chirping
bamboo : rustling
doors : slamming
neighbors smoke alarm with dying 9v battery : beeping


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